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Expertise and areas of focus

Strategy and Board Advisory Services

Our team holds qualifications from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and The Advisory Board Centre. Members of the team sit on ASX listed Boards and help on Advisory Boards currently. This allows us to speak from positions of understanding on issues impacting Governance and Strategy.

Although this is not an exhaustive list we have significant experience in the following areas:

  • ASX Listing
    Experience includes listing Australian private companies onto the ASX and the complexities of that journey.
  • Formal Governance
    Experience in chairing ASX 'Audit and Risk' and 'Renumeration and Nominations' committees.
  • Capital Raising and Funding
    Experience in raising funds including during the pandemic.
  • Culture Development & Review
    This is a growing area for Boards to concentrate on and a particular area of interest in the team.
  • M&A
    Particularly assisting with the ongoing integration of businesses after the M&A activity.
  • Strategic Planning Advice and International Expansion Strategies
    Experience in growing businesses to other markets.
  • CEO Mentoring
    Allow senior executives to reach their full potential by providing appropriate sounding boards. Mentoring leads to broader successes for the individuals and their employer. More importantly it produces a more engaged employee who is more likely to stay with an organisation. It’s a two way street with individuals requiring to be committed to the process. We have experience working with many different types of companies in this area.
  • Cyber Security and awareness
    Not solely an IT domain. This area is of significant interest to all organisations and Boards. Our team has been involved in the sector for more than 20 years.
  • Cloud and SaaS
    Assisting with strategic decision making in these areas the team has been involved since the early days of SaaS delivery. The considerations go beyond the initial purchase decisions and thought has to be placed on ongoing strategy to ensure effective ROI. Contract management approach is critical to future success.
  • Software Decision Making & Integration considerations
    Services here range from designing a methodology of evaluation for organisations, market scans and negotiation assistance or strategy. The team has strong ERP experience with exposure to many vendors. There is also specific Domain expertise in Cyber Security, AI, HCM, Payroll, rule- based form tools and CRM. Cloud strategies and the future proofing through vendor roadmap reviews can create a very healthy future state. Often simple upgrades to current vendor state can reduce complexity and give you a consolidated view of an appropriate state. Integration considerations can often add to complexity so knowing the current state of toolsets to support this is critical.
  • Software or App development
    What are the most current and appropriate approaches for your industry? Are they future proofed and do you know how to scope or manage a development? We have significant experience in managing large R&D teams and giving appropriate specification or user story guidance.
    Why do people talk about Agile?
  • Cultural Analysis and integration techniques
    Culture is a key indicator of future success. Are you managing and measuring it against appropriate metrics?
  • Sales and Marketing guidance and International expansion strategy
    How to measure teams? What tools support teams? Where should you leverage partners? How do you make the team as productive as possible? Where is a sensible expansion plan?
    Is there an inexpensive way to globalise?
  • Digital strategy, Change Management and Go To Market strategies
    Is the move to digitisation appropriate in our sector? What are the tools to aim for and what change management will be require for clients, stakeholders and employees? How do we change?
  • Professional Services review
    Is the bundling or mix of services correct? Can you improve the structure and measure utilisation more effectively?
  • Organisational Structure review and assistance
    What is current practice? Where is there opportunity to optimise or cross skill the teams? Do we need a change to remain competitive? What is different in a virtual team?
  • Startups
    The team are involved with many startups and have started a few businesses over the years. We get involved at different levels including helping via Advisory Board structures.

My personal growth has been significantly helped ...

... through the mentoring of the Principles team. I have been able to apply the strategies discussed and head to another year of growth. I expanded the mentoring services to remote and less senior members of our team as I know our revenues and client satisfaction will grow further.

CEO at International Software Vendor